If you want to find the way, you need to know the destination.

Our destination is quite clear: To provide brands and drinks that make a clear statement in an already-crowded market.

Whether it's mineral water, energy drinks or fizzy drinks, it's usually the little things that make all the difference. We at Splendid Drinks AG know this, and that's why we pay attention to exactly these details. The details that turn brands into strong brands. Brands that make a statement.

Drinks with passion

We produce our drinks with passion; for us, drinking is about more than simply quenching one's thirst. With our various brands, we want to delight people and be part of their ‘way of life’.

Thanks to our portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages, we are in the perfect position to meet the needs and requirements of the retail and catering trades.

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German Design Award 2018 for the energy drink 28 BLACK

Luxembourg/Berlin, 14 November 2017. Now it’s official: It’s not just the flavour of the 28 BLACK energy drink that is so impressive, but also its look – and now the panel of international experts at the German Design Council has shown that it agrees by giving 28 BLACK the German Design Award 2018 for the Excellent Communications Design Packaging category.

28 BLACK has been featuring a new look since January 2017. Whereas there was but a single colour in the past, each flavour now boasts not only its own colour world, but also a dose of black – as one would expect for 28 BLACK. According to Reiner Rempis, Creative Director at zweipunktnull, the agency responsible for the packaging: “We have succeeded in increasing the visibility of the brand name, and transformed an individual variety into a product family with a clear brand message that can be recognised from afar: ‘We are 28 Black.’”

With its predominance of bright colours, dynamic design and incomparable 28 BLACK on the inside, the energy drink offers exactly what its purchasers are looking for. Varieties such as Sour Mango-Kiwi in sunny yellow-orange and Baobab in mystical green not only add colour and style to the POS, but are also best-sellers in the 28 BLACK product range.

The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council, which was established in 1953 and is now recognised as a leading competence centre for communication and brand management in the field of design. With this award, the German Design Council honours innovative products and projects that are trendsetters in the German and international design scene.

On-trend category “Zero”: Energy Drink 28 BLACK expands its portfolio with addition of new sugar-free variety

Luxembourg/Berlin, 12 September 2017. No sugar and no calories – just 100% flavour and energy – that is the motto of the latest new product from 28 BLACK. With its new variety Absolute Zero Guava-Passion Fruit, 28 BLACK is doing more than expanding the range of flavours on offer – it is also responding to the growing demand for flavoured energy drinks in the “Zero” category. “In order to take full advantage of the potential offered by our target group, it was important to us that we find a way to expand our range by adding a product that satisfies the consumer yearning for an energy drink without sugar or calories but with the same full flavour experience,” says Felin-Joy Sade, 28 BLACK Marketing Director. “With Absolute Zero Guava-Passion Fruit, we have succeeded in every respect by creating a drink that is full of energy and intense favour, and entirely without sugar and calories.”

The new variety will be available in Germany in retail outlets starting in January 2018. Alongside additional displays in retailers, from Week 2 / 2018 the product launch of 28 BLACK Absolute Zero will be accompanied by print and outdoor advertising, activities on 28 BLACK social media channels and a television spot. Like all 28 BLACK products, 28 BLACK Absolute Zero Guava-Passion Fruit contains no taurine or artificial preservatives, is lactose-free, gluten-free, and suitable for a vegan lifestyle.



A meeting of classics

25 July 2017, Luxembourg – Storied collector’s items and exquisite beauties: all the sports cars that come to the International Porsche Classic Meeting in Luxembourg from all over Europe are a piece of history and true classics – unique and extraordinary. Just like Gize, whose luxury water from Nova Scotia makes its way through deep layers of rock to achieve an incomparable purity and mineralization. The mineral water with an unmistakable taste was revered by the Mi'kmaq people as early as 1500 as a fountain of youth. Today it is perfected by a specially-developed gold-filtering process.

Now the gold-filtered mineral water is partnering with the International Porsche Classic Meeting in Luxembourg from 3 to 6 August 2017, an event notable for bringing together a wide range of Porsche models from the 1950s to the 1990s. This non-alcoholic luxury drink will be offering fitting refreshment for drivers as it accompanies them on their tour through the Grand Duchy. “Historic Porsches are among the most sought-after collector’s items of all, and a source of fascination for those who appreciate how special they are,” says Felin-Joy Sade, Marketing Director for Gize. “They are stylish and impressive – a perfect fit for Gize.” In its purist glass bottles that have already received multiple international awards, the mineral water – available with and without carbonation as Sparking and Still – is a great alternative as a non-alcoholic drink that still has a fine fizz. Who says it always has to be Champagne?

Click into the world of 28 BLACK

Luxembourg, 18 July 2017. 28 BLACK has been updating its brand world for a fresh and modern image, and as part of these efforts it has relaunched its website in a new look. Yet it is more than just the design that has been changed, for the site's structure has also been adapted to suit the very latest standards for responsive web design.

“Today, most internet use takes place using smartphones – and the figure is more than 80 percent amongst our target group,” says Felin-Joy Sade, Marketing Director for 28 BLACK. “That is why it was very important to us that we make our web presence even more user-friendly in this regard by optimising it for mobile devices.” Easy navigation that is clear even on a smartphone, the latest news on everything related to 28 BLACK, and direct links to 28 BLACK’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ensure that information finds its target audience while digitally networking fans of 28 BLACK. These efforts also included more than just a face lift for the online shop, as it has been entirely overhauled with a ‘mobile first’ philosophy. The result is faster and simpler ordering, a larger range of products and special offers, and the inclusion of direct links to social media channels here as well.

Felin-Joy Sade: “With every optimisation we have undertaken, we have made sure that design and brand image have been given their proper due. The brand renewal that we began with our redesign of the 28 BLACK cans and expanded to print and outdoor advertising in a second stage, has now been rigorously continued online.” Modern new imagery and the combination of black and white pictures with colour deliver a concise message as to who 28 BLACK is – and who it’s for. Sade: “Branding that addresses its consumers and generates loyalty is a key factor for long-term success, and we are always active here across all channels.” The 28 BLACK brand update is being carried out by the agency zweipunktnull, which has been successfully collaborating with 28 BLACK since 2012.


Discover Baobab! The new taste experience from 28 BLACK.

Energy drink launches extensive campaign to accompany the product launch of 28 BLACK Baobab.

Luxembourg/Berlin, 4 April 2017. It is green, sparkling and somewhat mysterious – the latest variety from the energy drink 28 BLACK: Baobab. The product line extension that epitomises the 28 BLACK slogan “Be different. Drink 28 BLACK.” is a must-have for all energy drink fans.

“Anyone who would like to know how 28 BLACK Baobab tastes – or what it tastes like – should be sure to try it out themselves,” says Nicole Rezgui, Managing Director of CALIDRIS 28 Deutschland GmbH. “There’s simply nothing else like it.” And because it is so unique and such a new discovery, the campaign accompanying the product launch has been tailored to this very theme. With the “Discover Baobab!” campaign, which starts on 10 April 2017, 28 BLACK is relying on the active participation of its trend-conscious target group, for over an eight-week period they will have the opportunity to help shape the 28 BLACK Baobab video clip, which will be going online on relevant social medial channels in June. At www.28black.de, everyone who would like to take part can browse through the photo albums and select their favourite Baobab pictures for the video clip. All those who are unable to find what they are looking for in the photo albums will be able to create their own photo on the “Discover Baobab” theme and upload it to the website. At the conclusion of the campaign, a jury will review all of the photos submitted and choose which ones will be included in the video. Participation will also be rewarded – entrants have the chance to win one of ten four-packs of 28 BLACK Baobab that will be awarded to lucky winners on every day of the campaign, or the fast-acting Canon DSLR EOS 80D and two Canon EOS M10 system cameras that will be presented for the three best photos uploaded to the website. “We are happy to be able to involve our customers directly in our marketing campaign for Baobab with this interactive competition, because their opinions are very important to us,” explains Felin-Joy Sade, who is responsible for marketing at 28 BLACK.

The launch of 28 BLACK Baobab will be accompanied by an expansive roster of sales initiatives and campaign activities. These include extensive television spots, print advertising, free samples and a digital advertising campaign that incorporates social media activities – especially on Instagram – in order to generate awareness amongst the relevant target group. Sales at the POS will be supported by large-format advertising and additional displays.

Mango to go: 28 BLACK Sour Mango-Kiwi

Luxembourg/Berlin, 29 November 2016. It’s yellow, twice as fruity and sparklingly sour: the new Sour Mango-Kiwi variety from the energy drink 28 BLACK. And it also boasts the new look that will be sported by all 28 BLACK varieties on shelves as of 2017.

The innovative mix with the fruity-sour flavours of mango and kiwi is unique in the field of energy drinks, and offers the flavour that millennials are looking for. Packaged in a sunny orange-yellow can, Sour Mango-Kiwi not only delivers the taste of summer, but also a burst of bright, sunny colour to lighten the mood of even the greyest winter day.

The launch of the Sour Mango-Kiwi flavour also marks the introduction of the new design in which all 28 BLACK varieties will soon be setting the scene. In order to increase the visibility of the “28 BLACK” brand name, starting in 2017 every variety will feature more of the colour black in its packaging. Nicole Rezgui, Managing Director of CALIDRIS 28 Deutschland GmbH, which is responsible for marketing and distribution of the energy drink in Germany, explains: “By including the colour black on all 28 BLACK cans, it is clear that the products belong together at the POS. As a result, the individual varieties have now been transformed into a product family with a clear brand message that is visible from afar: ‘We are 28 BLACK’.” In addition to more black on all of the cans, graphic elements help provide an extraordinary and unmistakable design and greater style at the POS. The cans continue to be distinguished by their clear lines and the “Bird & 28 BLACK” logo, ensuring that these beverages remain instantly recognisable. Nicole Rezgui: “The launch of the new Sour Mango-Kiwi flavour marks the introduction of the new 28 BLACK look, and the other varieties will be updated successively during the first weeks of 2017.”

The 28 BLACK Sour Mango-Kiwi product launch will also be accompanied by a comprehensive package of marketing measures, including extensive television spots, large-format advertising right at the POS, a print advertising campaign, free samples, social media activities and a special online game with a contest being employed to generate additional interest across all channels. Sales promotion at retailers will include eye-catching displays that match the design of the cans, helping drive people to try the product and make impulse purchases.

Like all 28 BLACK products, 28 BLACK Sour Mango-Kiwi contains no taurine or artificial preservatives, is lactose-free, gluten-free, and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. The new Sour Mango-Kiwi variety will be available for retailers starting in Week 48 and can be ordered from the online shop at www.28black.com.


28 DRINKS presented with the “Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016”

Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd. making its debut at the NACS Show

Luxembourg/Halifax, 23 September 2016. Being present where it matters. In keeping with this philosophy, from 19 to 21 October 2016 the Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd. will be making its first appearance at the NACS Show in Atlanta. The Canadian specialists for the sales and bottling of non-alcoholic beverages will be introducing two products from the premium segment to trade visitors: 28 BLACK, the better energy drink, and Canada Geese, the natural mineral water from Nova Scotia.

The beverage portfolio of Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd. offers everything that customers expect from a successful product range: refreshing variety, appealing brands and top quality. Both of these beverages deliver exactly what people are looking for, and were created for people who live life to the full and seek the extraordinary.

28 BLACK tastes refreshingly different. The energy drink in the stylish slim-line can is not only practical when on the go, but also offers the energy that people need for long days and nights. The product range offers something to suit every taste: the fruity and natural energy drinks 28 BLACK Açaí and Açaí Zero, the energy drink with the classic taste, 28 BLACK Classic, and the sparklingly sour varieties 28 BLACK Sour Apple and Sour Cherry. All varieties are gluten-free, lactose-free and contain no taurine. Some flavors are also vegan and halal.

A beverage that has been on the market for some time now, yet which is new in the USA, is Canada Geese, the natural mineral water. The primal character and outstanding quality of Canada Geese finds its roots in the untouched nature of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a healthy and refreshing beverage with natural minerals. This gently sparkling water with a balanced and harmonious taste is perfect as a thirst-quencher or as a companion to food. It comes in 11.2 fl oz and 25.4 fl oz returnable glass bottles.

The range of drinks offered by Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd. covers pivotal consumer desires such as lifestyle, convenience and individuality. These are enticing non-alcoholic reasons to stop for refreshment at Stand 649 at the NACS Show 2016 and enjoy a chance to try all of the drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Discover our world of drinks!


Splendid Drinks AG – Refreshing variety of drinks and new products at Anuga 2015

Luxembourg, 28 September 2015. “Boredom was yesterday! Variety is the trend.” With this focus, Splendid Drinks AG presents its diverse portfolio of soft drinks brands at Anuga 2015. At Anuga Drinks, the international trade fair for beverages from 10 to 14 October, the Luxembourg-based specialist for worldwide sales of soft drinks will be presenting its brands and new products in Hall 7, Stand 69.

The varied range of drinks, which extends from energy drinks to organic carbonated beverages to gold-filtered luxury mineral water, covers pivotal consumer desires such as lifestyle, convenience and individuality. They can be sampled in a relaxed atmosphere in the Splendid-Bar – straight or in the form of exciting cocktails. The bartenders' range comprises the organic mate fizzy drink Sol Maté, Canadian mineral waters Canada Geese and Gize, and the different product lines of the 28 family, such as the energy drink 28 BLACK, the 28 DRINKS dry sodas and new products: 28 COFFEE, 28 ICE TEA and 28 SPORTS.

The introduction of 28 COFFEE means a new type of coffee drink is now available. The blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, delicately sweetened and without any milk whatsoever, does not need to be kept refrigerated and delivers full-bodied coffee taste. 28 COFFEE is vegan, lactose- and gluten-free, and halal, and it is offered in the Arabica and Toffee Mango varieties, in extravagant 0.25 l glass bottles.

28 ICE TEA tastes like home-made – hot and cold. Made with essences of black, green and white tea 28 ICE TEA is enriched by high quality ingredients like juice or blossom honey. 28 ICE TEA is available in colourful 0.33 l glass bottles in several varieties: Green Tea Honey, Blueberry White Tea, Pomegranate, Peach and Lemon. All varieties are lactose- and gluten-free and halal.

28 SPORTS are refreshing drinks even for those who do not happen to be engaged in sports. There are three isotonic flavours to choose from: Lemon + Magnesium, Blood-Orange + Calcium and Tropical + Vitamins. The 28 SPORTS range is supplemented by the varieties of straight Water and Water + Lime & Lemon. 28 SPORTS is available in 0.5 l PET bottles.

“Anuga is one of the most important communication platforms in the beverage industry. We use this forum to present our products and ideas to an international audience, because our sales focus is on exports,” notes Babak Alikaram, Director International Sales at Splendid Drinks AG.

It doesn't always have to be lemon: make your own fruity lemonade

13 August 2015, Luxembourg – When it's 30 degrees in the shade, what could be better than a wonderfully cool, tingling beverage with a fresh and fruity taste? No, we are not talking about champagne or sparkling wine, but rather homemade lemonade!

When adults think about their childhoods, they cannot help but long for some of the pleasures of that time, like their mother's homemade cherry jam, grandma's cakes fresh from the oven, and ice-cold lemonade on hot summer days. While most people nowadays purchase their lemonade ready-made from the supermarket, today's do-it-yourself trend is also generating a revival in the homemade variety – not only because these drinks are quick and easy to make, but also because people know exactly what they are made of. No artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavours and just as much sugar as is necessary to suit one's own personal taste.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice, sugar and water – these are the basic ingredients of homemade lemonade, the classic drink from England, and can be found in practically any kitchen. If you add other flavoursome ingredients such as mint, ginger, lavender and rose petals and allow everything to steep well in the refrigerator, a simple lemonade can be turned into an exquisite delight. Even fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, elderberries and kumquats can add that certain something to the finished result.

For the taste to be just right, all of the ingredients must be of the very best quality. This applies not only to the herbs and fruits, but also to the water. When lemonade is made with Gize, the gold-filtered mineral water from Canada, it not only radiates summery freshness, but also adds a touch of luxury to every drop.


Classic lemonade

Ingredients for 6 glasses:

500 ml Gize Still
200 g sugar
250 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice (or a mixture of the two)
700 ml Gize Still or Sparkling
2 organic lemons and 2 organic limes
Ice cubes



Place 500 ml of Gize Still and 200 g of sugar into a pot and heat until the sugar has dissolved, stirring all the while. Allow to cool completely. Add 250 ml of lemon juice and 700 ml of ice-cold Gize Still or Sparkling. Serve with slices of lime and ice cubes.

A little tip: It is also possible to use oranges or grapefruit instead of lemons or limes. The lemonade can be kept in the refrigerator in a closed container for up to three days.

“Which kind of energy drink suits you best? Fruity or classic?”

Luxembourg/Halifax, 16 July 2015. 28 BLACK on tour: In mid-July it will be time for 28 BLACK, the better energy drink, to start its new promotion “Which kind of energy drink suits you best? Fruity or classic?”. For nine weeks, the 28 BLACK team will be touring throughout Nova Scotia – and with 28 BLACK Açaí and 28 BLACK Classic, they will be bringing lots of energy and refreshment wherever they go.

Wherever the promotional team and their 28 BLACK trailer can be found, people will be given an opportunity to try 28 BLACK for themselves. They will be able to choose from 28 BLACK Açaí – whose incomparable taste of açaí berries is perfect for anyone who likes fruity flavours – and 28 BLACK Classic, for all fans of the classic energy drink taste. Both varieties, which will be given away in stylish slim-line cans, are vegan and lactose-free. In addition, they contain no artificial colours or preservatives – and in particular, no taurine. Whether it is used to jump-start your day or for a shot of energy at night, 28 BLACK is the reliable companion for people who always have something going on tomorrow. That is why, from 18 July until 7 September, the team will be targeting those places where people are active and in need of lots of energy – be it for sport, leisure activities or at universities. Their tour will include such events as the Halifax Pride Festival and Buskers Festival in Halifax, the Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competition in Lake Charlotte, the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby and a variety of university Frosh events. The promotion will also be accompanied by a radio campaign and print advertising. The exact location of the 28 BLACK team can be followed on www.28black.com and on Facebook.

Purest gold for the most beautiful day

15 June 2015, Luxembourg – Wedding trends are ever-changing – but along with the classic white, one colour has been of particular importance since time immemorial: gold. Gold is as glamorous as it is exquisite. This precious metal has traditionally represented the bond of matrimony, for it symbolizes eternity and epitomizes confidence and wisdom. This year, all forms of gold are in demand, be it white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, and not just for the rings – it is also sought after for accessories, table decorations, invitations and gifts for guests.

For all those who would like to make a statement, Gize, the gold-filtered mineral water from Canada, is just what they are looking for. Not only does it come in an eye-catching designer bottle with gold print, but Gize is also a non-alcoholic alternative to a glass of champagne at the reception following the ceremony, fine wines during lunch and dinner, or a digestif following a magnificent feast. And it is not only the newlyweds, but also their guests who will have an opportunity to savour the bouquet of this luxury water. This luxury drink, which is perfected using our very own gold-filtering process, is available not only with or without carbonation as Sparkling or Still, but also in four exquisite flavour compositions: Lemon-Elderflower, Raspberry-Ginseng, Pear-Vinegar and Pineapple-Coconut. With its unique and clear purist design, this multiple-award-winning glass bottle adds a golden touch to any wedding table.

Summer feeling with Gize mocktails

27 May 2015, Luxembourg. Summertime is also cocktail time. When the days get hotter and the evenings grow longer, you know it's time for light and refreshing cocktails. Everyone loves to see the colourful little umbrellas and exotic fruit on the edge of their glass containing a sweet and vibrant treat. And it is possible to leave out the alcohol without sacrificing any of the variety or satisfaction, for the times in which non-alcoholic cocktails were nothing more than an obligatory but unwanted offering at the bar are long since passed. Today, cocktails are also popular without alcohol, and have even earned their own name: mocktails. And these beverages are anything but boring.

Also past are the times in which mocktails were exactly that – copies of classic cocktails. Now, mocktails have become an independent category, one that offers a wealth of new taste experiences and which challenges a bartender's creativity and willingness to experiment.

Just like cocktails, mocktails require an excellent mixer. Gize+, the gold-filtered luxury water from Canada with four inspired combinations – Lemon-Elderflower, Raspberry-Ginseng, Pear-Vinegar and Pineapple-Coconut – is the ideal choice. Thanks to the pleasant freshness and restrained sweetness of their elegant flavour combinations, the Gize+ varieties offer an excellent basis for mocktails with that certain something. Yet even when they are enjoyed straight on ice, they are sure to provide extraordinary satisfaction.

An excellent tip for hot summer days is “Gize+ Lemon-Elderflower Green Tea on Ice” – a refreshing summer mocktail that can be prepared in a snap and which does not cause hangovers or bags under the eyes on the day after.

150 ml green tea (cold)
100 ml Gize+ Lemon-Elderflower
2 cl elderflower syrup
½ lime
6 leaves of lemon balm
Ice cubes (a little tip: make the ice cubes from Gize+ Lemon-Elderflower)

Place the ice cubes, lime quarters and lemon balm leaves into a long drink glass, then top up with elderflower syrup, green tea and Gize+ Lemon-Elderflower. Mix everything well and serve with a straw.


Gold – the trendy colour for interior design

06 May 2015, Luxembourg – Gold is a classic, and it has been the most exquisite and coveted precious metal since time immemorial. Already in the 1970s, golden accessories and decorations were a popular trend in interior design, and years of abstinence are now giving way to a golden renaissance in the interior. Prestigious designers, decorators and interior designers have reinterpreted this precious metal in a plethora of ways, bringing a glimmer and shine to their work.

The time when gold was equated with baroque opulence is now past. Today, gold signifies modern elegance and stylish design. Whether it is used as an eye-catcher or kept simple, golden furniture, furnishings and decorative elements add a touch of the extraordinary to ordinary surroundings. Gold is versatile and changeable, which allows it to be combined with numerous furnishings, materials and colours with ease. A popular and elegant classic is the combination of gold/white and gold/black. Here, less is always more. Whether it be used for decorations or items for everyday use, or for fixtures, wallpaper or fabrics, gold should always be employed deliberately to set the tone.

This is equally true of Gize, the gold-filtered mineral water from Canada. Its elegant glass bottle has won numerous design awards, and is able to transform any meal into a fine dining experience. This luxury drink, which is perfected using a unique gold-filtering process, is available in six exciting varieties from the Gize Online Store: www.gize.com.

Time for a “golden Easter”

19 March 2014, Luxembourg – Warm rays of sunshine banish the grey of winter as snowdrops and crocuses bring delicate colour to gardens. Cranes are returning from their winter refuge as the butterflies take their first flights. The signs are everywhere: spring is making her entrance, and Easter is almost upon us. And since Easter is a holiday that people like to spend with the entire family, it is once again time to decide what to put in loved ones' Easter baskets, and what to give them to brighten their day – two questions to which there is but one answer: Gize – the gold-filtered luxury water from Canada.

The mineral water in the elegant 0.2 l glass bottle is welcome in any Easter basket, where it is more than just a stylish companion for all chocolate bunnies, who have enjoyed their spot in Easter baskets for generations. With its delicately fruity flavours like Raspberry-Ginseng and Pineapple-Coconut, it is also wonderful with exquisite chocolate Easter eggs. Yet it is not only in Easter baskets that Gize can bring joy to loved ones, for Gize can also make for a very special Easter dinner. Whether as a non-alcoholic counterpart to champagne or wines or as a companion to same, as an aperitif, with dessert or on its own, Gize brings a touch of luxury to any Easter dinner, and is sure to delight gourmets of all ages.

Gize is available in 0.2 l and 0.75 l glass bottles whose design has already been honoured by multiple international awards. Available with and without carbonation as Sparkling and Still, and as Gize+ in four exciting flavours (Lemon-Elderflower, Raspberry-Ginseng, Pear-Vinegar and Pineapple-Coconut), Gize offers the pleasure of gold-filtered luxury for every occasion and taste.

Not in the mood for a chocolate bunny?

Luxembourg/Berlin, 05 March 2015. Easter without the Easter Bunny – it's simply inconceivable. The chocolate Easter Bunny made his first official appearance when the physician Georg Franck of Franckenau noted that it was not necessarily a healthy idea to eat too many of the eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny. Today it is considered to be an absolute classic, and no Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny to accompany all the colourful Easter eggs.

While chocolate Easter Bunnies are extremely popular, they are not the only rabbits that can bring good cheer to an Easter basket. Now those who find chocolate bunnies a bit too conventional can use 28 DRINKS dry sodas to craft their very own Easter Bunny. A bit of coloured paper, scissors, a felt-tip pen and a 28 DRINKS can is all that is required – and, after few simple steps, the result is a delightfully trendy Easter Bunny. The brilliant colours of 28 DRINKS not only create a colourful Easter, but depending on the choice of beverage they can also result in a “favourite bunny”. Be it Pink Grapefruit Mint, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water or Bitter Lemon, 28 DRINKS dry sodas offer the right beverage to suit every taste for 'bunny building'. It is a creative little gift that will delight Easter lovers of all ages.

Craft instructions for download and refreshing 28 DRINKS – now also available in nine-can tester cubes containing all four varieties – are available online at 28drinks.com.

Start the New Year hangover-free

Luxembourg/Berlin, 18 December 2014.  Same procedure as every year? Toasting the New Year with sparkling wine, Prosecco or champagne? It doesn't have to be that way. Tangy and fruity drinks without alcohol can also create a great atmosphere on New Year's Eve and ensure a successful start to the New Year.

The carbonated bitter beverages from 28 DRINKS are perfect for creating exciting cocktails that taste great – without a single drop of alcohol. With their blend of reserved sweetness and a touch of bitter, the confident flavours of 28 DRINKS' Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale and Pink Grapefruit Mint are ideal for mixed drinks. 28 DRINKS are available in shops and in the online store at www.28drinks.com.

Recipe ideas:

Hugo (non-alcoholic)

For 4 people

  • 250 ml 28 DRINKS Ginger Ale
  • 80 ml elder flower syrup
  • 3 organic limes
  • 350 ml carbonated mineral water
  • 10-15 ice cubes or 150 ml crushed ice
  • 3 sprigs of mint

Rinse the mint and pluck the leaves from the sprigs. Wash the limes and slice them in half. Squeeze the juice from one half of a lime and put it aside. Cut the ends off the remaining lime halves. Cut the lime halves into pieces and distribute amongst the glasses. Add ice cubes or 150 ml crushed ice. Place the elder flower syrup into a vessel and add the squeezed lime juice, then mix well. Distribute the syrup and mint evenly amongst the glasses and then top it up with the mineral water and 28 DRINKS Ginger Ale. Serve immediately with a thick straw.


Tiziano (non-alcoholic)

For 1 person

  • 100 ml 28 DRINKS Tonic Water
  • 100 ml red grape juice
  • 5-6 seedless red grapes
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 wooden skewer

Fill the glass halfway with ice and then add the nicely chilled grape juice to it. Now top it up with cold 28 DRINKS Tonic Water. Put the grapes onto the wooden skewer and place it on the edge of the glass.

Welcome the New Year with 28 BLACK

Luxembourg, 17 December 2014. Champagne corks are not the only things popping on New Year’s Eve – by midnight at the latest, it is time for tangy cocktails with which to ring in the New Year in style. Even after the fireworks, the cocktails from 28 BLACK are just the right thing to keep the party going until the early morning hours.

Cocktail creations with 28 BLACK Açaí are particularly suited to turning any New Year’s Eve party into an unforgettable evening. Thanks to the unmistakable fruity taste of açaí berries and their ruby-red colour, the New Year’s fireworks are not only visible in the midnight sky, but in the cocktail glass as well.

For those who do not wish to celebrate New Year’s without 28 BLACK, here are two recipes that are sure to be a hit. Additional cocktail recipes are available online at www.28black.com.

Here’s a good tip for avoiding hangovers: Little fruit sticks not only add that little extra something to any cocktail, but their vitamin C also helps prevent hangovers.

Cocktail recipes with 28 BLACK 

Caipi 28

4 cl brown rum
2 bar spoons of brown cane sugar
1 lime
1 can of 28 BLACK Açaí
Crushed ice

Clean the lime, cut it into eight pieces and crush it together with the cane sugar. Then fill the rocks glass with crushed ice and top up with rum and 28 BLACK. Stir, then garnish with a slice of lime.


London Red 28

4 cl gin (Bombay)
2 cl lime juice
10 cl 28 BLACK Açaí
1 lime
Fresh mint
1 tablespoon of cane sugar
Crushed ice

Squeeze the lime into a glass with some cane sugar, then add crushed ice and gin. Now add the lime juice and top up with 28 BLACK. Stir carefully and garnish with a sprig of mint. Presto!

28 BLACK is available in shops and in the online store at www.28black.com.

Hot & spicy – Sol Maté punch

Luxembourg, 28 November 2014. Every year when it gets cold and frosty outside, it's that time again – not only for Santa Claus and friends, but also for aromatic and steaming hot punch. Nothing offers more inner warmth on a cold winter's evening than a hot punch with its spicy aroma of cinnamon, anise and cloves.

While the punch originating in India is based on the five classic ingredients rum, sugar, lemon, spices and water, today there is a huge variety on offer: mulled wine, eggnog, Christmas punch, hot apple punch and Sol Maté punch.

Sol Maté punch uses the certified organic, non-alcohol beverage made from maté tea. Regardless of whether it is made using Sol Maté Original or Sol Maté Lemon/Lime, the addition of cinnamon, star anise, vanilla beans, oranges and ginger creates that special punch aroma that can be perfected with a touch of lemon juice or lemon zest. And for those who like their refreshments a bit stronger, the punch can be topped off with a generous shot of rum or Aquavit.

Recipe: Sol Maté punch
3 bottles of Sol Maté Original or Sol Maté Lemon/Lime
1 stick of cinnamon
½ vanilla bean
2 star anises
2 cloves
30 g of thinly sliced ginger
1 untreated orange, sliced
A bit of lemon zest or a dash of lemon juice
Sweeten to taste with raw sugar.

When preparing the punch, be sure to simply warm, rather than boil, the ingredients in order to retain the aroma and flavour of the fruit and spices, and to prevent any alcohol from boiling off.

Gize Lamborghini celebrates third place in the Blancpain Sprint Series 2014

06 November 2014, Luxembourg / Baku – Following an impressive season in which they were a permanent fixture amongst the leaders, the two Gize drivers Hari Proczyk (Austria) and Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands) finished the 2014 campaign with an outstanding third place in the overall standings. The final race of the high-calibre international Blancpain Sprint Series took place last weekend at the demanding road course in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The season remained exciting right until the very end, and it was a highly motivated Austrian-Dutch driver team that made its way to Baku. Problems in qualifying and a breakdown during the main race, however, cost the GT drivers valuable points and put an end to their championship hopes. Even so, Proczyk and Bleekemolen can look back on a very successful season with a constant high level of performance and results in the Blancpain Sprint Series, as they took their Gize Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 (GRT Grasser Racing Team) onto the podium eight times, topping the super sports cars from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and others on more than one occasion. Thanks to the outstanding professionalism of this well-oiled driver team and outstanding teamwork on the Austrian Grasser Racing Team, at Brands Hatch in the UK they scored a P1 in the qualifying race and led from start to finish in the main race on the second racing weekend of the season. The Gize drivers were also as good as gold in the following race in Zandvoort in the Netherlands, where Proczyk and Bleekemolen were able to spray sparkling wine from the top podium position following the qualifying race. The duo continued their success in the following racing weekends in Slovakia, Portugal and Belgium with first, second and third-place finishes.

“We have given our all and achieved a great deal. Finishing third overall is an outstanding result,” said a satisfied Hari Proczyk.

Gize Lamborghini scores two podium finishes

21 October 2014, Luxembourg / Zolder – The sixth and penultimate round of the highly competitive Blancpain Sprint Series took place at Zolder, Belgium at the weekend. In summery temperatures, the Austrian/Dutch duo Hari Prozcyk and Jeroen Bleekemolen in the Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 (Grasser Racing Team) were able to finish on the podium both in qualifying and in the main race on Sunday.

Aiming for the championship title, in the qualifying session on Saturday Proczyk and Bleekemolen took P2 in the first row for the qualifying race the same day. During the qualifying race, Jeroen Bleekemolen, who had slipped to third at the start, was able to defend his position in the strong top group throughout his stint. Proczyk then maintained his position in the second half of the race, holding off Enzo Ide in the Audi, who put him under tremendous pressure in the last third of the race. Taking third, the Austrian scored a podium finish and four crucial championship points.

Hari Proczyk started the main race on Sunday third on the grid and immediately moved into second, a position he was able to hold throughout his stint. Following a perfect pit stop, Jeroen Bleekemolen was in second behind their competitor in the fight for the title, Maximilian Götz in a Mercedes-Benz, but he was unable to overtake him, crossing the finish line in second place. This means that Hari Proczyk and Jeroen Bleekemolen in the Gize Lamborghini are now third overall before the final race in Baku (AZE), 27 points behind second place.

“The weekend went pretty well, P3 in the qualifying race and P2 in the main race today. But with HTP Motorsport's win today, it will be really tough for us to win the title now,” says Hari Proczyk. “Although there's only a small chance of winning the championship, we will certainly do our best in Baku and try to win the race.”

The final races of the season will take place in Baku from 1 to 3 November.

Sol Maté: Summer feeling and joie de vivre, made in Nova Scotia

Luxembourg/Halifax, 2 September 2014. At the beginning of September, it will be time: Sol Maté, the organic mate fizzy drink, is extending the summer and setting out on its promotional tour. For the forthcoming weeks, the Sol Maté team will be on the road in the Atlantic Provinces, providing refreshment with “the sunny drink with the Maté-Kick".

The non-alcoholic beverage with South American roots is produced in Nova Scotia on the basis of Yerba mate tea. Less sweet than conventional fizzy drinks, Sol Maté appeals through its naturalness: with no preservatives or flavour enhancers, certified organic and all natural, Sol Maté also provides an energy kick with natural caffeine. Available in the varieties of Sol Maté Original and Sol Maté Lemon/Lime, Sol Maté is the perfect drink for all those who are active and constantly on the move, who have lots of fun and enjoy life to the fullest – whether in sports, dancing or at a party with friends. The motto is always "Feel the rhythm, feel the Maté-Kick." The mate fizzy drink tastes great straight and as a mixer and is a good alternative for all those who do not like energy drinks but are still in search of a beverage with a caffeine kick. Sol Maté is available at Sobeys, Needs and other retail locations in the striking 11.16 fl. oz. glass bottle.

The Sol Maté team will be on the road in Atlantic Canada until 28 September, providing samples in locations including Halifax, Fredericton, Charlottetown, St. John’s and Moncton. During the tour, coupons will be handed out that can be redeemed at participating retail outlets. The promotion will be accompanied by a tasting at Sobeys and a major radio campaign. To keep up-to-date on the promotion team's exact location, just visit www.drinksolmate.com or www.facebook.com/drinksolmate.


Media contact:
Sol Mate AG
Sibylle Erler
5, rue Heienhaff
L-1736 Senningerberg (Luxembourg)
Tel.: +352 26 37 13 60

Sales contact:
Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd.
Dave Ring
5162 Duke Street
B3J 1N7 Halifax • Nova Scotia (Canada)
Tel.: +1 902 402 6910

Two impressive victories for the Gize Lamborghini

20 May 2014, Luxembourg / Brands Hatch – The only thing brighter than the beautiful weather last weekend was the satisfaction on the faces of Gize drivers Hari Proczyk and Jeroen Bleekemolen after their victory in the second round of the Blancpain Sprint Series 2014 at the demanding Brands Hatch track in the UK. The successful Austrian/Dutch duo were able to beat a strong field of drivers in their Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2 (Grasser Racing Team) in the dream car league, winning two victories on Sunday with outstanding runs.

Both Gize drivers took advantage of the free training to ensure an optimum set-up. Their success was already evident in the qualifying on Saturday – the two drivers reached P3 only a tenth of a second back, putting themselves in a great starting position for the qualifying run.

On Sunday morning, Bleekemolen drove the Gize Lambo in the qualifying run and was in P2 after the first lap. A precisely planned and executed pit stop, including driver change, gave the duo their decisive advantage. Proczyk took over behind the wheel and the experienced driver held off all competitors, driving the Give Lambo brilliantly to cross the finish line in first place. In the afternoon the Gize Lamborghini started the main race in pole position, and Proczyk and Bleekemolen showed nerves of steel as they stayed in front of their competitors throughout the race, finishing in first place in front of the GT field. Their well-deserved victory placed them on top of the podium for the second time that day.

Hari Proczyk was exuberant: “We gave our all, and this is a sensational success, not only for us as drivers but for the entire team, being able to win both races and finish on top of the podium. We are extremely motivated and aim to continue our success at the next race.”

Proczyk and Bleekemolen finished the weekend tied for second in the drivers' standings with 42 points apiece. The excitement continues from 4-6 July 2014 in Zandvoort in the Netherlands.

Aston Martin GT4 Challenge gets Gize as an refreshing new partner

16. April 2014, Luxembourg / Banbury (UK) – Gize will be official partner of the Aston Martin Racing GT4 Challenge in 2014. The GT4 Challenge of Great Britain is a unique single marque championship in which Vantage GT4 drivers battle it out on some of the most exciting circuits in the UK and Europe. Guests will enjoy Gize in the GT4 Challenge hospitality unit during each race weekend.

“The GT4 Challenge prides itself on excellence and this extends from the cars on track, right through the technical parts and support in the garage and into the food and drink in the hospitality unit,” explains Andrew Williamson, Customer Programmes Manager at Aston Martin Racing. “Gize is a brand that shares our desire to strive for perfection and is therefore the perfect brand to join us in what promises to be the most exciting year of the Challenge as it becomes a support race to the British GT Championship.” “Gize is at home where the extraordinary is the norm, therefore Aston Martin is the perfect partner for our luxury drink. It is a pleasure offering Gize within the hospitality unit to guests who appreciate classiness in their lives”, Felin-Joy Sade, Brand Manager, points out. In each of the six rounds, Challenge competitors race head-to-head in V8-powered Vantage GT4s.

For more information about the GT4 Challenge go to www.astonmartin.com/gt4challenge

Aston Martin Racing 2014 GT4 Challenge Calendar:
19 April: Oulton Park, British GT
03-04 May: Rockingham, British GT
31 May: Silverstone GP, British GP
28 June: Brands hatch, AMOC Indy
13-14 September: Donington Park, British GT
19 October: Zandvoort, European GT4

Luxury drink Gize taking part in BRIDE Dubai 2014

02 April 2014, Luxembourg / Dubai – Good news for all couples who value luxury and want to transform their wedding into an exceptional experience: with Gize, the non-alcoholic luxury drink from Canada, those couples who are looking for a very special beverage for their big event have an exquisite companion for the entire day. From 2 to 5 April the gold-filtered mineral water will be presenting itself at the largest and most luxurious wedding fair in the Middle East, BRIDE Dubai, in the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. Bridal couples will be able to experience the unique taste and outstanding design of the luxury drink for themselves in Hall 2 at Stand Q50.

Gize is the only top-tier mineral water in the world to be perfected using a specially-developed gold-filtering process, and it makes every wedding an unforgettable experience. Both with and without carbonation as Sparkling and Still and in its three select flavours, Gize is the perfect accompaniment for the wedding dinner and toast to the bride and groom. The bottle, which has won numerous international awards, offers an additional dash of glamour at the wedding table. Gize Brand Manager Felin-Joy Sade: “Gize is the result of passion and absolute perfection. It is fascinating and captivating. What could be better suited to a wedding?”

Gize is at home in the world's “hideaways”, starred restaurants and is recommended by sommeliers and star-rated chefs. Available as Sparkling and Still and also in the sophisticated flavour compositions Raspberry-Ginseng, Pineapple-Coconut and Pear-Vinegar.

Please place your orders with MAN Investments • Tel. +971-4259 9995 • www.minvestments.com

Luxury drink Gize on the international fast track

26 March 2014, Luxembourg / St. Margarethen – As good as gold: Gize will be continuing its motor sports activities in 2014 as a primary sponsor in a proven team. Experienced racing driver Hari Proczyk will once again be in the cockpit for the non-alcoholic luxury drink, driving the Gize Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FLII under the colours of the Grasser Racing Team (GRT) and competing against top-notch international competitors in the Pro class of the Blancpain Sprint Series 2014.

The gold-filtered mineral water and Austrian racer Hari Proczyk have shown on numerous occasions over the past few years that they make a good team, most recently with an impressive 2013 season that resulted in a second-place finish in the FIA GT Series 2013 (Pro-Am) in the Gize Lamborghini. “Our partnership is characterized by perfection and passion, so it is only natural that we will continue working together this year,” stated Felin-Joy Sade, Gize Brand Manager. “We are looking forward to an exciting season.”

The Blancpain Sprint Series kicks off the 2014 season on Easter Weekend with the Coupes de Pâques at the Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro. The 2014 racing calendar includes seven weekends of racing, each of which features a qualification race and a main race, and these will be taking place at such storied racetracks as Brands Hatch (UK), the dune circuit in Zandvoort (NL), the modern track in Portimão (PT) and the legendary road course in Baku (AZ). Highly motivated Hari Proczyk says that: “We have ambitious goals for the upcoming season. Together with my new team-mate, the experienced Dutch driver Jeroen Bleekemolen, I will be giving it my all to achieve top results in this major sprint series.”

More information on Gize is available at www.gize.com and www.facebook.com/Gize-The-Luxury-Drink

Gize now available in the UK, Southern France, Monaco & Balearic Islands

05 March 2014, Luxembourg / London / Golfe-Juan – The expansion of the luxury drink Gize is taking it to the most exclusive places in the world. At home in luxury hotels and gourmet establishments, the gold-filtered mineral water from Canada is now available in the UK, Southern France, Monaco and the Balearic Islands thanks to its new sales partner Shore Solutions.

When it comes to the rapid provision of exquisite food, beverages and interior accoutrements for yachts and luxury households, there is no one better than Shore Solutions. No matter what is sought – Wagyu beef or fresh Alba truffles, the finest spirits or hand-cut crystal glasses – Shore Solutions is able to satisfy even its customers' most extraordinary wishes quickly. “By working with Shore Solutions we are able to benefit from a high-calibre partner whose excellent network and outstanding logistics are ideal for the successful placement of Gize in luxury hotels and gourmet venues,” explains Babak Alikaram, Export Manager at Canadian Mineral Water S.A.. “Shore Solutions is a company that shares our desire to strive for perfection. We value the company’s wealth of expertise as well as its outstanding reputation. It is essential that we have a dependable partner on whom our customers can rely.“

Gize is the perfect addition to Shore Solutions' range of luxury beverages. The unique mineral water flows from a more than 200-million-year-old source in the easternmost reaches of Canada, and is perfected using a unique gold-filtering process before bottling. The luxury drink is the non-alcoholic counterpart to a glass of champagne. Gize is available not only in its classic forms with and without carbonation as Sparkling and Still, but also as Gize+ in four exciting flavours: Raspberry-Ginseng, Lemon-Elderflower, Pineapple-Coconut and Pear-Vinegar. Whether Gize or Gize+: in its purist 0.2 litre and 0.75 litre designer glass bottles that have already received multiple international awards, Gize's pure elegance looks good on any table.

More information about Gize at www.gize.com and www.facebook.com/gize-fine-waters

Gize Lamborghini is Runner-Up in the 2013 FIA GT Championship

28. November 2013, Luxembourg/Baku – Success all down the line: after an impressive 2013 season, over the weekend the two Gize pilots Hari Proczyk and Dominik Baumann shone with another victory in their Lamborghini Gallardo LP 600+ (GRT Grasser Racing Team) at the final race of the FIA GT Series 2013 in Baku. For the finale of the season, the series had invited a high-calibre field of international drivers to this landlocked country in the Near East nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus. The extremely narrow road course proved to be a great challenge for all the pilots. With the victory, Austrian Hari Proczyk secured the Runner-Up title – with 133 points just 3 points behind the titleholders in the PAM (Professional/Amateur) ranking. Fellow Austrian Dominik Baumann – with one race fewer – finished in third place in the rankings.

During the qualifying event on Sunday, despite a good starting position in the third starting position, a breakdown in the 13th round left the Gize Lamborghini pointless at first in the PAM rankings. As a result, just a few hours later, Dominik Baumann started the race that would decide everything for the 2013 racing season of P23. The youngster drove an outstanding first round and turned the helm of the Gize Lamborghini, which was already in 1st place in the PAM ranking, to teammate Hari Proczyk. “I had an excellent run, and the car was running superbly,” the young Austrian was pleased to report. A flawless race by fellow team member Proczyk then brought the fifth-place overall ranking and the top step on the victory rostrum in the PAM ranking. “Finishing the final and perhaps most demanding race of the season so successfully is a great accomplishment, and it provides us with an extreme amount of motivation for the coming season,” Hari Proczyk remarked.

The Gize pilots can look back upon outstanding results and a season that has exceeded all expectations. The bottom line: the drivers always brought points home and never experienced any technical breakdowns. Particular highlights for the season were their second-place finish on Slovakia Ring, along with the pair of victories in Zandvoort, The Netherlands, and in Baku.

More information about Gize at www.gize.com and www.facebook.com/gize-fine-waters

All good things come in sixes – and they are non-alcoholic!

Luxembourg/Istanbul, 05 September 2013. Six brands under one roof: this is how CALIDRIS 28 Turkey will be making its debut at “WorldFood Istanbul 2013”, the largest and most successful trade fair for the food industry in Turkey, which is taking place from 5 to 8 September. Each of its six non-alcoholic beverages is exactly what people are looking for, and created for people living life to the full and seeking the extraordinary. For example, 28 BLACK, the açaí drink, offers a refreshingly different taste. It contains absolutely no taurine or artificial colours and preservatives, instead offering an impressive fruity taste. This is also the case for 28 BLACK Sugarfree, which not only does without any added sugar, but also contains no aspartame, relying instead on the sweetness provided by extracts of the stevia plant (steviol glycoside). Also from CALIDRIS 28 – and new on the market – are the refreshing 28 DRINKS carbonated bitter beverages, which are available in the classic varieties Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale. Just like 28 BLACK, 28 DRINKS not only taste great straight, but are also a perfect mixer for mixed drinks of all kinds.

Another new product is Sol Maté, the organic and refreshing sparkling beverage made from South American maté tea. Available in two flavours – Original and Lemon/Lime – Sol Maté is always pleasantly invigorating thanks to its natural caffeine from the maté tea, and is either enjoyed as a tangy beverage or mixed with such drinks as vodka, rum or gin. A beverage that has been on the market for some time now, yet which is new in Turkey, is the luxury drink Gize, which has already received multiple international honours. The gold-filtered mineral water from Canada is at home in the world's “hideaways”, starred restaurants and any place where people who seek the extraordinary get together and want a non-alcoholic alternative to champagne or wine. In order to ensure that there is never a lack of variety, Gize is available not only with and without carbonation as Still and Sparkling, but also in four exciting flavours: Raspberry-Ginseng, Lemon-Elderflower, Pineapple-Coconut and Pear-Vinegar. In addition to its own brands 28 BLACK, 28 DRINKS, Sol Maté and Gize, CALIDRIS 28 Turkey also distributes the Arizona Iced Tea and Orangina brands in Turkey, two brands that are also synonymous with good taste and which epitomise fun and relaxation no matter what people are doing.

In other words, these are six enticing non-alcoholic reasons to stop for refreshment at Stand D 220 in Hall 2 at “WorldFood Istanbul 2013”.

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